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Where Can I Find My Car Title?

December 09, 2019

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There are many times in our lives when we find ourselves facing financial insecurity due to circumstances beyond our control. Unfortunately, many Americans cannot turn to a bank or other lenders for a loan during these times, which only adds to the stress of the situation. A car title loan company can provide a solution to this predicament. That's because getting a loan from a car title loan company is different than getting a loan from a bank or any other lending institution. Car title loans are ideal for those consumers who may not have the best credit, who have no real collateral, or who have other circumstances that might prevent them from getting a loan another way.

You Need Your Car Title for a Car Title Loan

What Is a Car Title Loan?

A car title loan is a loan you can get using the title to your car. The terms are straightforward and make it possible for consumers to get money fast. Whether you find yourself in a situation where you have unexpected medical expenses, bills that are overdue, or you just need extra money for any reason, a car title loan can provide that financial relief. At TitleSmart, we know that being in tough financial situations can cause stress. We are here to help you. Getting a car title loan with us is easy. All you need is a car title that is free and clear of any liens (and in the name of the person who is applying for the loan), proof of a reliable source of income, proof of where you live, and a valid government-issued I.D. You don't even need to be employed to get a car title loan. You can still get one if you are on disability or even retired.

Where Can I Find My Car Title?

You do need a copy of the title to the vehicle you'll be using to secure the loan, so what if you don't have the title to your car? Maybe you've lost or misplaced your title. Maybe it was accidentally destroyed. It's easy to get a certified copy of the title to your car. In most states, simply contacting the Department of Motor Vehicles and filling out a form is all you need to do to obtain a certified copy of the title to your vehicle. Some states will have you go through the Department of Revenue. Always check with the Department of Motor Vehicles first. They can let you know if you need to go elsewhere in your state. Here's how you can get a certified copy of your car title online:

Looking for Your Car Title

1. Go to your state's Department of Motor Vehicles website.

2. Find the "Replacement Certificate of Title" link (or something similar) and follow the instructions. If no major changes have occurred in your information, you should be able to complete the form online. In some states, the application must be notarized so you won't be able to complete the full process online. You will be notified of this at the time you are filling out the application.

3. If you don't need to have the application notarized, you can make an online payment of the required fee (usually $25 or less) and your title will be on its way to you by mail. If you are in a state where notarization is required, you'll have to mail the application or present take it to your local DMV office.

You can also walk into the DMV and fill out the application in person if you prefer. Whether you apply for a certified copy of your car title online, by mail, or in person, it will typically take 7 to 10 business days for you to receive your copy in the mail. This is just an estimate because the time can vary from state to state.

Once you have the title in your hand, you can use that title to get a car title loan with TitleSmart. We won't check your credit, so whether you have good or bad credit or even no credit record at all, you will be able to get a car title loan from us. Unlike banks and other traditional lenders, we won't even ask you why you need the money. We won't ask personal questions and we put no restrictions on what you can use your TitleSmart car title loan for. Whether you want to pay bills or you need extra money for Christmas, the loan you get from us is yours to do with as you see fit.

Keep Driving Your Car with a Car Title Loan
We also understand that you can't be without your vehicle. You still need to be able to go to work, run errands, or do the many other things that require a vehicle. All you need to leave with us is the title to the vehicle you're using to secure your loan. You can continue to drive your vehicle as you normally would, so there isn't going to be any disruption in your daily routine. How's that for convenience?

TitleSmart is a trusted source for car title loans in Florida. We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service, competitive interest rates, and getting our customers the loan they need fast. In most cases, you can get your money in as little as 30 minutes.

Getting the process started is easy. The first step is to call us at (954) 404-7306 or fill out the form on this page. One of our qualified loan specialists will call you shortly and ask for all the information we need, including the license plate and VIN number. You'll need to provide a few required documents, including:
  • Original vehicle title.
  • Government-issued identification matching the name on your car's title.
  • Proof of residence, such as recent utility bill, cable bill, or credit card statement.
  • Proof of vehicle insurance.
  • Proof of income, such as bank statements or pay check stubs.
  • Personal references.
TitleSmart Offers an Easy Process
We'll need to do a brief inspection of your car (which takes just a few minutes) just to verify its condition, then you can sign the loan papers and we'll give you your money. That's all there is to it. It couldn't be easier to get the money you need when you need it than with a car title loan from TitleSmart.

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